Fitstra Beginner Program

Workout Journal

This is a fitness tracker designed to teach new lifters how to run the Fitstra Beginner program. The workout journal contains a planning calendar, the full Fitstra Beginner program, and six months of tracking sheets. Each tracking page features detailed logging sections to record all workout components.

Paperback - $9.99

 Dimensions – 8.5″x11″     Pages – 121     Print – Black & White

A Look Inside

Plan. Lift. Track.

Planning & Goals

14 months of calendars and goal setting to schedule future sessions or cross off days completed.

Beginner Program

A 2-3 day/wk, full body weight training program designed to introduce barbell exercises and basic movement patterns to novice lifters while improving strength and hypertrophy. Supplemental fat loss cardio is included.

Tracking & Progress

80 tracking sheets allow for at least six months (3x/wk) of session logging. Each journal page contains detailed sections to record all workout information.

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