On the Road or Stuck at Home

Sam Stephens

January 2020

A minimal equipment bodyweight circuit routine designed to keep you active when you can’t get to the gym.

To get the best results and keep moving towards your fitness goals, structure and consistency is pretty important. You know you need to follow a smart exercise program and stick to your diet, but it’s not always possible. Occasionally, life gets in the way and that’s OK. 

If your schedule doesn’t accommodate a trip to the gym but you still want to get a great workout in, it’s important to have a great routine or two as backup plans. Today’s post is focused on just that – a workout for when you’re stuck at home or on the road with minimal equipment.

The only piece of equipment you’ll need for this routine is a suspension trainer/rings, like a TRX system. If you don’t have a suspension trainer, get one and throw it in your travel bag or use it at home. This one simple tool adds so much versatility to an at-home routine and is an invaluable addition to your fitness kit. 

The workout below is broken down into three simple sections, (1) the warm up, (2) the 30-40 min AMRAP circuit, (3) the cool down. 

Take your time during the warm up to foam roll any tight/sore muscles, do the full 5 minutes of running/jogging at an intensity of 6/10, and then ease into the AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) circuit with one low intensity round to begin. Finish the session with more foam rolling and static stretching. 

For this workout, I suggest you cap the circuit length at 30-40 minutes and keep the entire workout under an hour. This should be a high intensity, high density bodyweight workout and does not need to be extended unnecessarily. Work hard for a short amount of time then be done. 

If you have access to some weights and want to add more resistance, go for it. Have fun.