Fitness Freedom

As a personal trainer, my top priority is to provide a service that helps as many people as possible. Creating content destined to be locked behind a paywall limits client/trainer interactions and decreases the total reach of Fitstra as a fitness platform – charging for every little thing doesn’t help anyone. That’s why all of the educational material and exercise programs on Fitstra will always be free. No premium content. No annoying ads. No pay to win.

Your support, in its many different forms, allows me to do what I love, continually learn/improve my education, produce better free content, and create stuff that helps you be a better you. 

If this site is beneficial to your fitness journey and you’d like to become a Fitstra Supporter by working with me as a client or supporting this platform in another way, thank you. It means a lot to me and I really do appreciate it. 

– Sam

Consultation - $75/hr

If you’re currently running one of the programs or are looking to start one and have some questions that need to be answered, Consultations are the way to go. Book a session, become a client, and let’s work together. We can chat as frequently as you’d like to make sure you’re always making progress. 

After purchasing your consultation session, be sure to submit a Contact form. Within the form provided, let me know how I can help and I’ll take it from there. You don’t need to write a novel of an intro message, but the more details you can share, the better. 

Subscription - $5/mo

The Subscription option is an easy way to passively contribute to content you find helpful. Think of this payment as an optional program membership fee that includes regular email correspondence. Cancel anytime, no minimum time commitment.

Pay What You Want

Literally pay whatever you want, as frequently as you want. Leave a small tip or pay based on the value you feel you’ve received. Every is amount is awesome and really appreciated. Due to transaction fees, a $5 minimum is suggested.

Share & Stay Updated - FREE

Want to be a Supporter but tight on cash? No problem – just share your favorite programs/guides with your friends and sign up for Fitstra updates (no spam or inbox ads, I promise) to stay in the loop with all changes and additions. If you’ve genuinely found value in anything on this site, your enthusiasm will be infectious and bring on others.

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