Fitness Consulting & Online Personal Training

All of Your Questions Answered

Fitness Consultations are phone based Q&A sessions that cover a wide variety of exercise/nutrition topics, can be scheduled as often as needed, and typically last one hour in length. Need some help with one of the programs? Want to discuss form? Looking for some dietary guidance? Let’s talk about all of it. I can’t do your reps for you, but we can work together to make sure you’re doing things the right way and have all of your questions answered. 

A live conversation is the most efficient way for us to quickly cover a large amount of information and fill in the small cracks that might otherwise go unnoticed in a written medium. Emails and questionnaire forms have a valuable place within consulting services, but if we really want to get something accomplished, we need to chat. 

Phone calls also provide me with a refreshing glimpse into your unique personality. Getting to know you as a person helps me to provide you with a more customized level of service, results in a greater rate of program success, and just makes the experience more enjoyable for both of us. 

Whether you only have a few questions, need weekly check in calls, or are looking to begin your first fitness program, it all starts with consulting.

1. Contact

To get things started, I first need to hear from you. The ‘Schedule Your Consultation’ button above link will take you to our Contact page. Within the form provided, let me know how I can help and I’ll take it from there. You don’t need to write a novel of an intro message, but the more details you can share, the better. If you can also submit a New Client Information form, that would be great. 

2. Payment

After submitting the contact form, your next step is to purchase at least one hour of consulting by either clicking here or on the ‘$75/hr’ button at the top of this page. You only need one Fitness Consultation hour to get started but are welcome to purchase more for future use. Any unused hours can be directed towards other services like Online Personal Training.

3. Schedule Call

Once your payment is received, I’ll reach back out and set up a consultation day and time based on your ideal availability. Phone based meetings are relatively easy to make, but it’s important that the time we set works well for you. If you need to cancel for any reason, just give me a 24 hour notice and I’ll be happy to switch it. When the day/time comes, we’ll start the fun. 

4. Review

After the call is over, you’ll inevitably be left with quite a bit of information to sort through and remember. To keep things from feeling overwhelming, I’ll send you a basic post-consult overview of our conversation including any links/info we discussed. If I didn’t have a definite answer for one of your questions, I won’t BS you. I’ll do some post-call research and include that answer here. 

Looking For A Detailed Workout Plan?

If none of the FREE Fitstra training programs fit your schedule or preferences, let’s work together to build a custom plan just for you. However, if you haven’t checked out any of the Programs, do that first. There’s a 99% chance you’ll find a prebuilt routine that’s either perfect for your situation or one can be easily tailored to fit your specific needs.

Online Personal Training

All of our goals and limitations are different, so there’s no reason why any two ‘custom’ personal training programs should be the same. The exercises chosen, the training frequency, and the relationship you have with your trainer should make you feel like a unique and valued individual, not just another customer. 

At Fitstra, the Online Personal Training service is built from the ground up to best suit your individual needs. After consulting with you about your goals, lifestyle, and exercise background, you’ll receive a custom program that clearly maps out each day’s exercises, sets/reps, weight, rest time, and everything else you need to be successful – all presented in an easy to follow format using the resources you have available. Personal Training programs range in length based on client goals but are designed to be repeated so you can continue to use them until you’re ready for something more advanced/specific. 

$600 covers your initial consultation, program development time, the post design consult, and 3 additional consulting hours. $75 will be deducted from this total if you choose to purchase a Personal Training program after your initial consultation. 

Whatever your goals are, I’d love to help.

Check In Calls

You’ve got your program but I wouldn’t be doing our job as your trainer if I didn’t check in with you to discuss progress and address any questions you might have. As often as you need, we can discuss form, programming details, weight progression, diet, and everything in between with Fitness Consults.

Trainer Access

Along with check in calls, I’m ready to receive your emails all throughout the week. Need some quick clarification about your program that month? Traveling that week and concerned about your ability to stay consistent? Whatever obstacle arises, I’ve got you covered. Daily email correspondence is free for Personal Training clients. 

Digital Form Check

We might not ever meet in person, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help you with form. I encourage all of my clients to record themselves and send me videos to review on a regular basis. With so many variables contributing to exercise success and failure, eliminate form uncertainties and know you’re moving correctly.

No Contract, Ever

For some, fitness success is reaching a certain weight while victory for others is learning how to be self sufficient. Whatever your goals are and however long you train with me, I want your business because you love the services Fitstra offers, not due to a time locked contract. Train with me forever or cancel at any time.

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